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  • Healthier

    Pasture Fed Beef is proven to be a healthier product than intensivly reared, grain fed Beef.

  • Better Taste

    Irish Hereford Prime Steak was the winner in the Best Steak in the World Competition in Germany

  • Omega 3

    Pasture fed beef is proven to be a rich source of Omega 3 and other essential elements

  • More Sustainable

    Irish Hereford Beef has a lower carbon footprint than almost any other in the world

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From The Greenest Pastures in the World

Irish Hereford Prime was established by pedigree Hereford breeders and beef producers in 1997 with a very clear objective – to expand the market at home and abroad for Irish Hereford Prime beef. With the support of the Irish Hereford Breed Society, a dedicated Hereford beef producer scheme was put in place.

This group has grown steadily since 1997 due to the vision of the group, the proactive nature of the group’s farming members and an unrivalled market demand for Irish Hereford Prime beef from both the Irish and European markets. Now with over 3,500 members throughout Ireland, Irish Hereford Prime continues to drive the supply and demand for superior quality Hereford beef among leading chefs throughout Europe

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Tel: +353 (87) 6888713

For Membership enquiries, please contact
Michael Cleary
Tel: +353-87-6888713

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Bord Bia Quality Assured

Producer members must be Bord Bia Quality Assured so our customers can be confident in our Quality and Sustainabilty credentials...

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