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About Hereford Prime

    Irish Hereford Prime was established in 1997 by Hereford breeders and beef producers in order to market their beef.

    With the support of the Irish Hereford breed society, a dedicated Hereford beef producer scheme was put in place.

    This group has grown steadily to over 1,000 members throughout Ireland helping to ensure a continuous supply of suitable cattle.

    From the beginning, promoting Irish Hereford Prime beef has never been a difficult task.

    There are many advantages with a naturally produced premium Hereford beef product, defined by its finely grained marbling. The characteristic taste and tenderness of Irish Hereford Prime are held in high esteem among leading chefs throughout Europe.

    The preference for our beef at both restaurant and retail level is also owing to Hereford Primes commitment to consistency.

    Demand for lower carcass weights and the Irish Hereford Prime initiative with ABP and Pallas Foods are driving the current demand for Hereford bulls.

    The now well established producer group has consistently paid a premium since its inception a number of years ago.

    Product is principally sold through high-class restaurants and butchering outlets and to growing markets in France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

    Suckler and dairy farmers anxious to produce quality Hereford stock to meet the specifications and reap the reward of premium prices available through both schemes for top quality product should contact the Irish Hereford Society or Irish Hereford Prime Ltd.